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Assembled here are a variety of recipes, both easy and intricate, for your next culinary adventure. Many of these recipes are the personal creations of well known chefs and we are pleased to be able to share them with you.

AppetizersServesDate Added
Squab Pate with Apple and Pistachio14 slices05/17/2006
Mandarin Minced Squab1210/31/2006

SaladsServesDate Added
Traditional Squab Salad609/28/2009
Roast Squab Salad with Sauteed Mushrooms2010/21/2008

EntreesServesDate Added
Squab in a Tangy Orange Sauce4 to 609/28/2009
Stuffed Squab with Apples609/28/2009
Breast of Squab with Squab Liver Raviollinis, Fresh Asparagus and Morel Mushrooms409/28/2009
Roasted Squab with Foie Gras, Artichokes, Grapes and Candied Turnip409/28/2009
Grilled Honey Marinated Squab Salad with Oranges, Toasted Pistachios and Dates10/21/2008
Sonoma Squab with Potato-Onion Galette410/21/2008
Roasted Squab with Honey Orange Glaze409/28/2009

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