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Member growers of SPOC practice responsible and sustainable animal agriculture. All member growers adhere to The Farm Animal Care and Welfare Program, and practice good stewardship. Mistreatment of any bird will not be tolerated, whether at the farm or plant level.


The employee named herein has completed Squab Producers of California Animal Care Training on
__(DATE)___. The training issues covered in the training include:
  • The company Animal Care and Welfare Program
  • Proper handling, treatment, and shipping of live birds
  • Proper techniques for euthanizing a bird
  • Company policy on correcting problems and reporting abuse
Further, I declare that:
  • I have received and I have read and/or it has been fully explained to me, and I have a clear working knowledge of the Squab Producers of CA Animal Care and Welfare Program.

  • I understand that Squab Producers of CA has a zero tolerance policy against any form of abuse to animals in its care.

  • I understand that at all times, I am to be aware of all birds in the area I am working or am present in to be sure no birds are mishandled or mis-stored.

  • I will do all in my power to make sure that all birds that come to the plant are handled in a humane and respectful manner at all times. I understand that I must take immediate, reasonable, and necessary actions to the extent possible, to correct any mistreatment or mis-storage of any birds that I observe.

  • I understand that if I ever see anyone (grower, customer, employee, or any other person) mistreating a bird that I am to take action to stop it immediately, and whether I am successful or not at stopping the abuse, in every case I am to immediately inform management of the event including details of what happened and who was involved.

  • I understand that failure to comply with any of these policies will constitute grounds for termination of my employment; I will be held solely responsible for such failure, and; I will be subject to prosecution of any crimes associated with my actions.
By signing, I certify that I understand the above, and will comply fully with the Squab Producers of California Animal Care and Welfare Program.

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