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Squab Producers of California is a unique agricultural cooperative. Formed in early 1943, the association of small independent farmers has worked together for more than sixty years to provide Squabs to a wide variety of customers worldwide. As a cooperative, Squab Producers brings the best of both worlds to its customers - birds raised by small, independent farmers AND a modern HACCP-compliant USDA inspected processing plant which utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to assure the optimum in quality and food safety.

All farmer-members are required to maintain a Quality Assurance Plan certified and monitored by the California Department of Food & Agriculture. Additionally, farmer-members adhere to strict policies to ensure all birds delivered for processing are all-natural and residue free. Every live bird is visually inspected upon arrival at the processing plant to assure only healthy birds of proper maturity are accepted. A USDA inspector is on site daily, and plant personnel are trained to recognize the signs of unhealthy birds with the authority to reject those that don't meet the high standards set by Squab Producers of California.

Committed to excellence, the farmer-members of this cooperative association personally oversee every aspect of their Squab production, working diligently to achieve the highest level of quality available. When you demand unsurpassed premium poultry, look to Squab Producers of California.

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